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Invited Speakers


Jerzy  Respondek  

Plenary Talk: "Algorithms & data structures for the special matrices"

Silesian University of Technology

AEI Faculty, Dept. of Computer Science

Gliwice, Poland


Sanjay Misra

Plenary Talk: "A Measurement Framework for Software Metrics"

Covenant University

Department of Computer and Information Sciences 

OTA, Nigeria.


Arnaldo (Bibo) Cecchini

Plenary Talk: "Smartness beyond "smart cities": for an antifragile planning"

University of Sassari

Dipartimento di Architettura, Design e Urbanistica

Sassari, Italy

Witold Kinsner

Plenary Talk: "Mono-, multi- and poly-scale analysis and fractional operators for computational science and angineering"

University of Manitoba

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Winnipeg, Canada